Trekking Package And Routes

3 Days 2 Nights Trekking Crater Rim Tetebatu 3.200m

The best trip to hiking Rinjani is to Crater rim Tetebatu and Gunung Kondo 2 days 1 night start via Tetebatu village in the morning to crater rim Tetebatu for 7 hours normal walk, stay overnight in tent and next day early in the morning climb to Gunung Kondo 3.200m above sea level (the 2nd high mountain after Rinjani in Mount Rinjani National Park area) then return to Tetebatu village. This package suitable for all people with good fitness level.

Gunung Kondo in Mount Rinjani National Park area at an altitude of 3.200 meters above sea level is located in -8.453353, 116.410269 including in rural areas Tetebatu, Sikur district, East Lombok, from there we can see a beautiful view over the Segara Anak lake, Mount Baru Jari (new volcano) and the summit of Mount Rinjani.

trekking gunung rinjani
View on crater rim Tetebatu

Detail Itinerary :

Day 1 (Arrival Day) : Pick You up at your location in Lombok Island, then transfer to Tetebatu village for 2-3 hours with air condition private car. Check in Hotel in Tetebatu, then meet your guide gives you briefing describes the tour details and free time at your own leisure.

Day 2 (Trekking) : After breakfast at Hotel lead by expert guide and porters You will start the ascent to crater rim Tetebatu, start from Tetebatu village an altitude of 700 meters above sea level by car to start point at the Monkey forest on 800m above sea level (forest attractions in Tetebatu inhabited by monkeys or apes) here You can see the apes (monkeys) in the very large and from this place You can clearly see the Rinjani mountain or crater rim Tetebatu is our goal.

After a 30-minute walk from Monkey Forest You will enter the dense forest and the path that we are going through is new / natural and feels cold because many trees the sun is obscured by the thick leaves are and not feel after an hour and 30 minutes You arrive at the first place for break is called Pondok Belanda or Netherlands huts (perhaps long time ago this place have been in use by the Dutch people to rest before continue the trek to the Gunung Kondo 3.200m or to the Segara Anak lake).

After a break continue the trip and after 15 minutes will enter the meadow and in this place You can see the Tetebatu village is far behind You, and Mount Rinjani in right side stood tall, and after 1 hour 30 minutes leave the Pondok Belanda You reach Post two for lunch and rest.

After a lunch and enough break continue the journey to crater rim Tetebatu campsite and the track quite steep, after 2 hours hike arrive at campsite and the guide and porter set up a tent, dinner and overnight in tent.

Day 3 (Trekking) : Weak up early at 4.00 am and get light breakfast with some toast + hot drink and 4.30 am a guide lead you to climb the top of Gunung Kondo 3.200m for 1,5 hour. You will reach the top when the sunrise, enjoy with panorama and rest here. At 7.00 am descent to the basecamp then continue down to the village for 5 hours, have lunch and shower in Tetebatu then the car will transfer you to your next destination within Lombok island. Finish trip.

3 Days 2 Nights Hiking To 2nd Summit Rinjani

Timbanuh Rinjani Trekking to climb Mount Rinjani from Timbanuh at 950 meters above sea level to crater rim 2.680 meter and in the next day climb to 2nd summit 3.260 m and return to Timba Nuh and Tetebatu.

Arrival (Day 0) :
We will come to pick up you from Kuta Lombok, Lombok Airport, Mataram, Senggigi, Bangsal or other location within Lombok island then transfer to Tetebatu, check in hotel in Tetebatu Lombok, meet with us and if enough time we will guide you to waterfall, rice field for warming up before climb to Mount Rinjani next day. Return to hotel dinner and sleep overnight.

Day 1 Trekking :
At 7800 am start of the national park in Timbanuh through the forest and required to plant trees before start cross footpath and the river to pos 1.
And in the jungle we can see the various types of wood and moss, forest vegetables that can cook naturally.
After walking for three hours we arrived in pos 2 where we break for lunch for 1 hour.
After that continue the journey towards pos 3 ( Cemara Nunggal) for 2 hours, and camp here. After rest for 45 minutes while eating snacks and fruit and enjoying savanna on Mount Rinjani.
After enough rest our guide will guide you through the savanna to the Pelawangan Timbanuh 2.680m for 45 minutes enjoying the sunset, views of the Segara Anak lake, new volcano and islands of Sumbawa and return down to campsite, dinner and sleep in tents.

Day 2 Trekking :
Waking up at 3:30 am for a continental breakfast with bread and coffee, tea or milk and then 4:00 start climbing to the top of the south with a time of 2 hours to the peak of 3.500m asl (reachable 3.260m above sea level because trek to 2nd summit is broken after the earthquake on July 2018)
On the peak of the mountain to enjoy the view of the lake Segara Anak, majestic mountains summit 3726m, sunrise over top Rinjani and islands of Sumbawa and then return to basecamp for 1,5 hour to rest and breakfast.

Having finished breakfast and adequate rest we return to (pos 2) for 1,5 hour and continue to (pos 1) for breaks and lunch.
After lunch continue down to Timbanuh and our car will drop back to the hotel in Tetebatu.
After a shower and change clothes finished we will take you to the next destination on the island of Lombok.

3 Days 2 Nights Trekking Summit Rinjani 3726m

Mount Rinjani 2 days 1 night trek start from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, camping in tent, climb to summit Rinjani and return to Sembalun village in east Lombok.

This trekking Rinjani program for climbers or trekker in good level of fitness and able to walk up and down for an average of 8.5 hours per day.


Day 01: Pick up from anywhere in Lombok island.

They will pick you up at the airport of Lombok or other place in Lombok island and transfer to the hotel in Sembalun village (on request).

Meet Your trekking guide will provide guidance to better prepare you for the journey and we will guide you to Bamboo garden and Gunung Selong for warming up before trekking Rinjani next day and back to hotel.

Day 02: Sembalun 1150m – Summit campsite 2649m
Wake up at 7:00 and get breakfast. After that, prepare everything and a guide will company you to register at the Rinjani National Park office Sembalun.

Trekking start from the village of Sembalun around 8:00 am. We start with a gentle climb through open meadow. After about 2 hours of walking, we will reach the post 1 (1300m), and another 40 minutes to Pos 2 (1500m). We will continue to Pos 3 (1800m) and have lunch here.
After lunch and rest, we will go to Sembalun crater rim (2639m). It takes 3 hours including a prolonged steep climb. We will camp the night on the crater rim. We can enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset.

Day 03: Summit Campsite – Top Rinjani 3726m – Sembalun.
We wake up around 2:00 am under the cover of darkness and our guide and porter serve you with a hot drink and some toast for light breakfast. We will start heading to the summit of Rinjani at 3:00 am. We start with a moderate trek, followed by a fairly easy but longer trek. Final approach that involves climbing up steep volcanic scree looser.

At We can reach the summit (3726 m) with a beautiful sunrise, and panoramic view of Lombok island, the island of Bali, the island of Sumbawa and Segara Anak Lake.

After that, we will descend into the crater rim Sembalun within 2 hours and have breakfast here. Then will continue to go down to the village Sembalun, which takes 5 hours to reach. Get shower at hotel or our office in Sembalun the the car will transfer to your the next destination within Lombok island.

4 Days 3 Nights Trekking Summit Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake.

Mount Rinjani 4 day trek to Summit and Segara Anak lake starting from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, camp overnight in tent, climb Rinjani summit, down to Lake and swim at hot spring then climb to crater Senaru rim and overnight in tent then last day trek down to Senaru village.

This program is suitable for climbers in good level of fitness or for you are able to walk up and down the hill for an average of 8 hours per day.

Itinerary :

Day 1 : Pickup from anywhere in Lombok island.

The Day You Arrive at Lombok Praya Airport , or any others port in Lombok as Bangsal harbor ,Teluk Kodek, Telok Nare or maybe from any main object tourist in ( Mataram, Senggigi, Kuta Lombok ) we will come to pick up by our representative staff, then transfer to your hotel in Sembalun.

Meet with your trekking guide for briefing and explain the trekking procedure and prepare for your trips and if you have time we will guide you visit Bamboo garden and hike to Gunung Selong for warming up before climb to Mount Rinjani next day.

Day 2 : Sembalun Village (1.150.m) – Sembalun Crater Rim(2.639.m)
Wake up at 7:00 and get breakfast. After that, prepare everything and a guide will company you to register at the Rinjani National Park office Sembalun.

Take a rest for 5/10 minute at Pos 1 ( Pemantauan,) and then continue to Pos 2 (Tengengean) 1500 m walking time about 1 hour. We take short break here for 5 to 10 minutes at Pos 2 ( Tengengean ), and then continue the journey to Pos 3 (Pada Balong ) 1800 m, walking time is approx 1 hour. Take rest for 2 hours at Pos 3, then your guide and porters prepare for lunch, and a hot drink (tea, coffee, hot chocolate or lemon tea).

After lunch and a rest, continue to heading Sembalun Crater Rim (summit campsite) 2639M, walking time 3 hours including a prolonged steep climb. We will camp the night at Sembalun Crater Rim, then from here we can enjoy the awesome views. As the sun sets, and sunrise for the next morning , Segara Anak lake, Sembalun village, the summit of mount Rinjani half of north lombok can be seen from here.

Day 03 : Summit/Top 3.726m – Segara Anak Lake and Hot springs (2008m)-Senaru Crater Rim(2.641m)
We wake up at 02:30 am and have some light breakfast then leave at 03:00 am we start the trek to heading Rinjani Summit (3.726 m). Walking time approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes.

The first stage is a moderate climb for 120 minutes, while the second stage is a fairly easy but long trek. The last hour is very steep and difficult. (There are many loose stones, and as you take two steps forward you will slip one step back). From the Summit, then you can see all of Lombok island, Bali, Sumbawa and Segara Anak Lake, after sunrise we will go down to the Sembalun crater rim and have a hot breakfast and break.

After have enough rest then we will go down to the Segara Anak lake and hot spring this trail down is very steep and slippery beware and extra carefully, we need 3 hours to get in to the lake and hot spring, the lunch will be provide by the lake, and hot spring just 100m walk from here, the place where you can soak in and healing your skin as medicine.

After have lunch and enough rest we will go up to the crater Rim of Senaru for 3 hours walk up this route and trail quite top, steep up and stony we need to be careful and we will reach this point of the place we called second nice views from the summit, where you can enjoy the incredible sunset over the mountain Agung in bali and the smoke trough out from the hole of the new volcano by the lake, camping and enjoying your Dinner here.

Day 04 : Senaru Crater Rim(2.641m) – Senaru Village (601m)
After breakfast, enjoying the sunrise and taking the picture with beautiful scenery of the lake we will go down to Senaru village for 4-5 hour walk down including break and lunch on the way between pos2 and pos extra, then we will arrive at Rinjani Trekking Centre office Senaru around 12.30am to 13.00.

Take shower in our office then our private car will transfer you to your next destination within Lombok island.

3 Days 2 Nights Hiking Rinjani To Crater Rim Senaru

Hiking and trekking Rinjani to Crater rim 2 days 1 night package start from Senaru village to the crater rim, and return to Senaru village at the next day.

This Senaru trekking route program is suitable for beginner climbers and for those of you who want to enjoy the scenic beauty of Senaru crater rim.

Itinerary :
Arrival day: We will pick you up at the airport of Lombok or other place in Lombok island and transfer to the hotel in Senaru. Meet Your trekking guide will provide guidance to better prepare you for the journey.

Day 1:
Wake up at 6:30 am and get breakfast. After that, we’ll walk 10 minutes to the Rinjani Trek Center Senaru to register.
Trekking Rinjani start from the Rinjani Trek Center Senaru around 08:00, start to walk through dense tropical forest rich in flora, bird life and variety of butterflies. Stop a break we’ll take at Post 2 Montong SATAS shelter (1,500 m) for a cup of tea with some biscuits. After the break continue to trek up for 2 hours to Pos 3 Mondokan Lolak (2,000 m) for a break and lunch.

We will immediately leave Pos 3 after lunch and up to Senaru crater rim (2641m) for 2 hours. Senaru crater has the most spectacular view after the peak. We will enjoy an incredible sunset over Mount Agung in Bali and the smoke from the new volcano on the edge of the lake and camp here for the night.

Day 2:
After breakfast with a beautiful sunrise, we will leave Mount Rinjani descend to Senaru village through the rainforest. If we are lucky, we can see the rare black monkey. It takes 5 hours and we will take lunch along the way. Arrive at Senaru village (601 m) the Car will take you to your next destination.

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