Rinjani Trekking Package Price List

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From some trekking organizers who sell Mount Rinjani packages that included the price list of the package on the website, there are some of them selling at affordable prices or cheap price for 2017. The Package price trekking mount Rinjani including : Shuttle transportation: Airport to Senaru or Sembalun or Tetebatu and return back to

Trekking Rinjani Volcano Via Sembalun

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Climbing Rinjani mountain on the island of Lombok or Trekking mount Rinjani through Sembalun Village is the best choice for you who want to climb Rinjani Peak 3.726 meters and can continue the journey down to the lake of Segara Anak and return to Sembalun or continue the adventure to crater rim Senaru and down

Climb Rinjani with Best Trekking Organizer

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Climbing Rinjani using trek organizer service (TO) or Rinjani Trekking company or travel agent is the best choice for you who do not want to bother and want to enjoy the beauty of Rinjani mountain with more easily, comfortable and safe, but not expensive cost. Travel agent or track organizer who sells hiking package to

Hiking Mt. Rinjani to Crater rim Senaru

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Climbing Rinjani to Pelawangan Senaru 2 days 1 night program starting from Senaru village at 601 meters above sea level to the auction of senaru 2,641 m above sea level is the most program in interest by climbers especially beginner climber. The climbing trip usually starts from Rinjani Trek Center Senaru in the morning, or

Hiking Mount Rinjani Via Timbanuh Village


Hiking Rinjani can be done from several official climbing routes such as Sembalun, Senaru and also from the latest Rinjani climbing route is Timbanuh village, Pringgasela sub district in East Lombok regency. Timbanuh Village is the nearest route to climb to Rinjani mountain if you come from Central Lombok Praya Airport or from West Lombok